In this turbulent environment, it is imperative to place your business above your competition with every advantage possible. One of the best ways to stay competitive and free up cash for your business to produce new jobs and promote company expansion are the R&D tax credits. Many companies are not aware that they qualify for the R&D tax credits which provide significant economic impact for a wide range of businesses. In addition to the federal credit, most states offer R&D tax credit incentives. Strategic Tax Solutions (STS) are the R&D tax credit experts that pride themselves on personal service. STS is a hands-on R&D tax credit firm that caters to their clients. STS’s business model is different than the big R&D tax credit firms with their “take a number” attitude or the firms with the “simple algorithm” method that get you a fraction of your credits. The STS team feels strongly about helping to drive business and the R&D tax credit is the perfect tool. It is simple to find out how much money STS can save your company – let us help you recapture these dollars for your business. We make the process of accessing R&D tax credit dollars straight forward, cost effective and risk free. At no cost to you, we will provide a cost savings estimate for your potential R&D tax savings.

The R&D tax credit experts