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We Make It Simple

Strategic Tax Solutions (STS) is well positioned to assist your company in qualifying, quantifying and defending your federal and state research credit claims. Please contact STS to further explore how these tax credits and incentives can help your business offset rising tax rates. Contact One Of Our Experts Today!

Research & Development Tax Credits have been in place for over 25 years. Many companies have misconceptions about the types of research and development activities that qualify. A wide range of common practices in many industries will qualify for the credit under the Internal Revenue Code’s definition of R&D. Strategic Tax Solutions experts can help you claim the credits for which your company is eligible.

Do I qualify? Take a look at the Industries page & Qualify page to see if your company may be a candidate R and D Tax Credits.
How much do I qualify for?  Contact STS
How long will it take? See the timetable below.

PHASE 1: 1 Day

Information Gathering - FREE

  • Gather information 
  • Interviews take 30-50 minutes with key executives
  • We maximize efficiency, by previsit planning

PHASE 2: 2-3 Days

Quantitative Review and Approval

  • STS verifies and confirms all the numbers
  • We confirm the actual expense categories
  • We prepare a detailed summary that conforms to the Federal & State Tax Credit guidelines

 PHASE 3: 3-5 Days

 Substantiation and Documentation

  • STS conducts data substantiation and development to ensure that your company has all the necessary tracking and supporting documents

 PHASE 4: As short as 1-2 Weeks

 Final Calculations & Compliance

  • STS completes and reviews all R & D tax credit calculations as well as the supporting information for compliance
  • We provide your company as well as your CPA with the completed R&D tax credit forms for submission to the taxing authorities